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El Molino Little League

     Local Rules 2017


     Mission Statement:


It is our belief that the children of our community today are the cornerstones of tomorrow.  It is therefore our mission at El Molino Little League is to provide baseball· programs where our sons and daughters can:


•     Have fun

•     Learn and develop basic skills

•     Learn the rules of the game

•    Be provided a positive social atmosphere

•     Learn to be part of a team

•     Improve physical well being

•    Learn important life lessons through sport


     About Our League


1.   The El Molino Little League (EMLL) Culture is defined in our Mission Statement, the local     rules as defined in this document and the principles and values communicated in our literature, team orientations and our coaching, umpire, and player training activities.


2.  Any suggestions for improvement may be communicated to any board member present at games and practices. We prefer to receive your feedback and ideas in writing so we are better able to understand and process corrective actions and improvements consistent with our players needs.


     Volunteer Requirements


1.     By Little League Rule parents and other spectators are not allowed to interact with players within the dugouts or on the playing field during games. Team managers and board members are responsible for asking parents to refrain from doing so.  Signs shall be posted as reminders. If during the course of the game a spectator's behavior dishonors the game, and the managers or board members are unable to address the problem, the umpires have the authority and obligation to place all players and coaching staffs in the dugouts until the offending spectator(s) are removed from the area and/or cease such unacceptable behavior.


2.     All adults are expected to contribute some of their time and resources to put back into the  program for the benefit of each and every player who participates in El Molino Little League, which is a volunteer organization. Without the constructive involvement of parents and community minded individuals the opportunity for an enjoyable and beneficial youth sports experience will have limited success.


All player families are required to work two snack shack shifts during the season. Being a league volunteer in other areas does not exclude you from working your shift.


All managers, coaches, Board of Directors (BoD) members, and any/all other volunteers who provide regular services to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with players or teams, must annually complete and submit the official "Little League Volunteer Application"  to the local league president. Annual background screenings must be completed prior to the applicant assuming his/her duties for the current season.  Refusal to annually submit a fully completed "Little League Volunteer Application" will result in the immediate removal of the individual from the local league.


3.   Little League Baseball and EMLL have a no alcohol, no illegal drugs, and a no smoking policy. In addition, Little League has a no tobacco policy.  This includes e-cigs and vapor products.  These will be enforced during EMLL events. EMLL has a zero tolerance policy with ALL participants/members regarding this. Offenses by any member/participant may result in a Grievance Hearing and be subject to disciplinary action including multiple game suspensions or dismissal from the program for the remainder of the season, as seen fit by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


4.   A Managers and Coaching Staff Appointment Committee, made up of the league President and Coaching Coordinator, shall establish a panel to review manager applicants, including volunteers who managed or coached in previous seasons. The objective of the interview is to set expectations up-front, describe the duties, solicit ideas of how the league can better support team managers and coaches and list available training materials and dates for coaching training opportunities.  During these interviews the Committee will assess character and leadership skills and baseball knowledge and experience. The decision to accept an applicant to fill a manager or coaching position shall be made on the Committee's judgment as to the candidate's ability to work within the framework of our culture. The League President is responsible for approving each of the recommended appointments.


5.  EMLL has a zero tolerance policy with ALL participants regarding argumentative and/or negative comments toward umpires, coaches, board members, players, and/or general members. Offenses by any member may result in a Grievance Hearing and be subject to disciplinary action including multiple game suspensions or dismissal from the program for the remainder of the season, as seen fit by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


6.   No parent or relative may umpire a Major, Junior or Senior division game in which he or she has a child participating, unless this would cause cancellation of the game.


7.  Players are responsible for cleaning their respective dugouts of all garbage, team and individual gear and equipment.  This includes usage of the El Molino High School field and any other field used.


8.  No child will be prevented from playing El Molino Little League Baseball due to financial hardship.

     Team Manager Expectations and Obligations


1.  Register and submit all required paperwork, including the Volunteer Form by the final week of player registration.

2.   Attend the manager interview session.

3.   Be accessible as needed by telephone, cell phone, and/or email, and reply to all league correspondence in a timely manner.

4.   Be as flexible as possible with respect to attending league "make up" activities should initial

planned dates not work out (such as Tryouts, Games, etc.).

5.   Attend all Player Tryout sessions related to the division in which they are a manager (excludes Tee Ball and Minor B divisions).

6.   Attend the Player Draft (excludes Tee Ball and Minor B divisions).

7.   Attend all mandatory meetings, training sessions and field work days as set forth by  the Board of Directors.

8.   Select a Team Parent for his/her team.  Ensure this person submits a Volunteer Form, and work with this person throughout the season to support all league activities and philosophies, as well as ensure that this person is fulfilling Team Parent duties as recommended by the Board of Directors (such as managing the team's Snack Shack duty schedule, team pictures).

9.   Select one or two assistant coaches.  Ensure they submit Volunteer Forms, and work with these persons throughout the season to support all league activities and philosophies.

 10.  Read and be familiar with, and follow any directions in the following:

a.   Little League Official Regulations and Playing Rules

b.  EMLL Safety Manual

c.  EMLL Constitution

d.  EMLL Local Rules

11.  Be responsible for whatever league owned equipment (bats, helmets,  catchers gear, gear bag,

 batting-T, used and new baseballs,  First Aid kit,  Safety Manual,  etc.) issued, and return this equipment to the league's equipment manager at season's end.

12.   Be sure to bring players' medical release forms, First Aid kit, and Safety Manual to every practice and  game.

13.  Sign up for and umpire at least two EMLL games (Minor A, Major, or Junior level) during the regular

season. Our Umpire in Chief for 2017 is Tom Niclaes, he can be reached at 707-865-1286 or 326-4090

14.  Prep the field and dugout prior to practices and games, and to clean up the field and dugout after same.

a.  The home team is responsible for field set up prior to the game, including putting up the flag.

b.  The visiting team is responsible for field clean up and dragging the field after the game, including taking  down the flag.

15.  Support all league fund raising activities for the benefit of EMLL, and encourage support by

your team's players and parents.

16.  Work with and through the division's Coaching Coordinator or Player Agent for any league related

       issues that may occur.

17.  To respect and adhere to the practice and game schedule as published by the Board of Directors, as

 well as any changes deemed necessary. Practices may only be conducted at locations approved by the Board of Directors for liability insurance reasons.

18.  To be on time to practices,  games,  and other league activities,  and to stay until completion of practices and games.  If you must arrive late or leave early, please make arrangements beforehand to have coaches, etc. to adequately fill in for you.

19.  Report any injuries to players to the league Safety Officer (Tim Brown, 707494-5509 or [email protected]) ,   and fill out the  appropriate form as described in the EMLL Safety Manual.

20.  Assist the division's Player Agent in distributing and collecting any forms, surveys or ballots, as

approved by the Board or Directors, to and from each and every player (or parent) on your team in a timely manner.

21.  When a player misses more than seven continuous days of participation for an illness or injury, a

physician or other accredited medical provider must give written permission for a return to full

baseball activity.

22. In all divisions a maximum of three (3) coaches shall be permitted in the dugout. Additional

parent/coaches with league background checks may be employed at practices.

23. Managers and their coaching staffs are required to adhere to our Equal Playing Time Rules.


     Equal Playing Time Rules


l.  Equal playing time for El Molino Little League is a priority.  Little League Rules dictate that every player will participate in each game defensively for a minimum of six outs, (when substituted outs must be consecutive, as a starter anywhere in the game) and bat at least one (l) time each game (Regulation IVi). El Molino Little League has modified these rules as follows:

     a.  All players should play at a variety of outfield AND infield positions.

     b.  In divisions from the Majors and younger, NO player will sit on the bench for more than

          two innings per game.

     c.  All divisions from the Majors and younger will use a continuous batting order.

     d.  Non compliance will result in action from the BoD including

            1.  First Violation:  Written notice

            2.  Second Violation:  Game Suspension

            3.  Third Violation:  Season Suspension

If the violation is flagrant, the BoD may take severe action quickly.

2. The Manager may use their discretion to play a player less than the Equal Playing Time Rules dictate, for disciplinary reasons or injury and illness. In this event, The Player Agent must be informed first, before the game or practice.  If an issue with a player requiring discipline occurs during a game or practice, the manager shall have discretion to bench the offending player.  In the event that such an incident occurs, the division player agent must be notified as soon as possible.  Possible reasons for disciplinary actions are, but not limited to, repeatedly being late for games and practices, and bad behavior during games or practices.


     League Divisions


1.  Little League age is determined by the age of the child as of April 30, and is implemented by LL   international, the new age being grandfathered in for younger divisions.


a.  Tee Ball: 4-6

b.  Minor B: 6-9 (Age 6 if a year of Tee Ball has been played and passes a skills tryout monitored    by the Head Coach)

c.  Minor A: 8-11

d.  Majors: 10-12

e.  50-70: 12-13

f.  Juniors: 13-14 (12-year-olds are not allowed to play in Juniors)

g. Seniors: 13-16


2.  Seniors will not be required to tryout if there are only enough players for one team.


3.  Tee-ball and Minor B division play is considered Instructional. Games may continue with less than 9 eligible players. Scorebooks will be kept for training purposes and general player statistics but division standings will not be maintained.


     League Local Rules


1.  The Player Agent, with BoD approval, will determine the number of players on each team in all divisions.


2. In all divisions, a team may only have 1 manager and  2 coaches on the playing field and dugout during a game. No manager, coach or player   may leave the field or dugout during a game without the permission of the umpire.


3. The home team shall provide the official Scorekeeper (except in Tee Ball and Minor B games). This individual shall position themselves directly behind the backstop and within view and hearing of the plate umpires calls and instructions. The scorekeeper shall NOT converse or in any way provide information to one team without also making this information available to the other team as directed and supervised by the Umpire in Chief (UIC) of that game. The scorekeeper shall NOT inform either team of a Batting Out of Order condition (an appeal play). The managers shall communicate all substitutions and position changes through the UIC who is responsible to ensure the official scorekeeper is informed and otherwise aware of all such changes.


4.  EMLL will administer play in accordance with LL Rule VI on pitch count and mandatory rest based on number of pitches thrown during a game. Coaching staffs in all divisions shall maintain Pitchers Affidavits on all their players who take the mound during games. Managers are required to follow the LL

pitch count limits and rest requirements at all times. Official scorekeepers and/or specific pitch count scorekeepers shall record an ongoing count of pitches by inning and inform the UIC when a pitcher is approaching the game limit managers are expected to track pitches from the dugout.


5.  In order to succeed, a youth pitcher should focus on learning good mechanics, firmly establish the skill of an accurate fastball and then learn to vary the speed of his/her pitches. EMLL will highly encourage our managers and coaches to discourage their pitchers from throwing curve balls, sliders, etc. for the long term health of their throwing arms.


6.   Little League Rules permit on-deck batters ONLY in 50-70,  Junior,  Senior play.  Therefore, NO Tee          Ball,  Minor, or Major division player shall be allowed on the field until her/his t at bat and AFTER any continuous play has been allowed to conclude, including the catchers throw to second base between inning warm-up. No player is allowed to handle a bat in the dugout or enclosed areas considered part of the dugout. The umpires therefore shall allow the next batter time to take 1 or 2 preparatory warm-ups swings near the batter’s box before taking their position in the batter’s box.


7.  There is no food or gum is allowed inside or outside the dugout or on the field during a game.

     Tee Ball Division Local Rules


Except for the following rules, Little League Rule Book will govern Tee Ball.


1.  Players may hit off of the Tee or may opt to have the coach pitch to them. The pitcher may pitch either over or underhanded. Batter will be allowed 5 pitches and then must hit off the tee. At the discretion of the batting team's manager,  a player may be allowed to bat off the Tee at any time during their at-bat. Coach pitch is only allowed during the second half of the season. The managers are responsible to make sure that the game moves along and that one player doesn't spend too much time at the plate.     

2.  No outs shall be recorded, though good defense is encouraged.

3.  Team will retire after it has batted once through its lineup.

4.   No sliding.  Runners can overrun the base without penalty.

5.   Runners may advance one base on an overthrow.

6.   No stealing (runner will be sent back).

7.   Play is over when player-pitcher has the ball at the pitching mound area (the player pitcher does not   pitch.  He/she is the fielder who plays the pitcher position). The player-pitcher must hold onto the ball. If he/she throws the ball to a player other than the adult coach, the ball is still live.

   8.   The adult pitcher must make sure opposing players are in position and ready prior to delivering   pitch.

9.     The adult pitcher must make an attempt to stay out of the line of play. If a batted ball makes contact with the adult pitcher, the batter returns to home plate, base runners return to where they began and the strike is not counted.

10.  Length of Game/Time Limitations:  Game will be 6 innings. However, no new inning shall begin after one hour and 20 minutes of play.

     Minor B Division Local Rules


Except for the following rules, the Little League Rule Book will govern Minor B.


1.   Only six-year olds who have played Tee Ball before and have Player Agent and Head Coach approval for appropriate skill level can play in the Minor B 7-9 League.

2.   The team at bat will provide an adult pitcher who will position him/herself approximately 25 to 30 

        feet from home plate.  While taking a knee, the adult pitcher shall deliver not more than 5 pitches.  

3.   Batters can strike out, but cannot walk.

4.   If the batter has not struck out and the ball has not been put in play after 5 pitches, a

      tee will be brought in for the batter.

5.  In the event that the adult pitcher is struck by a batted ball, the batter/runner shall

      be awarded first base.  Runners may advance only if forced to do so.

6.   A teams time at bat will end when either three outs have been made, or five runs

      have been scored.

7.   No game score shall be kept.

8.   No infield fly rule.

9.   No stealing (runner will be sent back)

10. Players are allowed to slide.

11. All players shall play the field.  A standard infield/outfield will be used with

      additional players dispersed in the outfield.

12.  All Players should play equally at all positions.

13.  A continuous batting order shall be used.

14.  Play is over when the adult pitcher has possession of the ball.

15.  The adult pitcher must make certain that opposing players are ready prior to delivering a pitch.

16.  Length of game shall be six innings.

17.  During weeknights, no new inning shall begin after one hour and 20 minutes.

18.  On weekends and by manager agreement, no new inning shall begin after one hour and 45 minutes.

     Minor A Division Local Rules


Except for the following rules, the Little League Rule Book will govern the Minor A League. General

1.  In general, only players who are league age 8 to 11 are eligible to play in this league.

2.  All players are required to tryout and are subject to being drafted (see draft procedures below)  All  players will be redrafted yearly.

3.  There is a 5 run per inning rule.  Each turn at bat, a team may only score a maximum of 5 runs. If the defense makes 3 outs prior to the batting team scoring 5 runs, the side is retired.

4.  If a 6th inning is played within the time limit, there is no 5-run rule in this inning only; scoring is unlimited until 3 outs are made.


     Batting & Base-running


1.  Batting will be in a continuous order, i.e., every batter will bat when his/her turn comes up.

2.  Stealing 2nd and 3rd base is allowed, but runners cannot leave the base until the ball crosses home plate.

3.  Players ARE allowed to steal home, but runners cannot leave the base until the ball crosses home plate.

4.  There is no 10 run rule.

5.   A strikeout is recorded when a third strike is caught or not caught by the catcher.




1.     Umpires shall be provided by the playing teams.  The home team provides a plate umpire and

the visiting team provides the base umpire.

2.     If necessary, the umpire can call pitches from behind the pitcher.

3.     EMLL will administer play in accordance with LL rule VI with regards to pitch count.

4.     All players must play in the infield for at least one inning during the game.

5.     All players are encouraged to play all positions equally throughout the season.  However, if a

manager is concerned for the safety of a player and feels that placing a player on the infield is

dangerous, then the manager must notify the Head Coach and the Player Agent.

6.     Pitch counts will be strictly enforced.  Any manager found to be in violation shall be subject to

disciplinary action by the BoD.

7.     Games will be 6 innings and no new inning shall begin after one hour 45 minutes on weeknights, and two hours on weekends.


     Majors Division Local Rules


Except for the following rules, the Little League Rule Book will govern the Majors League. When Inter League occurs, the Inter League rules will be used although equal playing time is still required.




1.  There is no time limit for Major games. All games must be completed per Little League Rule 4.1 0. It is the manager's responsibility to make-up or complete games; this includes Inter-League games.  

2.  There shall be a ten run rule after 3 and 1/2 innings, if the home team is ahead.

3.  EMLL will administer play in accordance with LL Rule VI on pitch count.

4.  Any manager who violates a maximum pitching rule will receive a one game suspension for the first offense. Penalties for a second offense will be harsher, including the potential for expulsion from the league.

6.  A continuous batting order will be used.

7.  Player Replacement.  When a player is lost to a team during the season that player must be replaced.

       a. Manager must notify the Player Agent within 3 days of knowing that a player needs to be


       b. If a player consecutively misses 3 games plus practices, the manager must notify the Player Agent within 24 hours. The Player Agent will then notify the President and the BoD will decide if the player needs to be replaced. It is possible that a player who has missed 3 games due to injury may not be replaced. This will depend on how long the player is being held out.  Any absence due to injury longer than seven days requires a doctor’s note to return to play.

       c.  If a player is released from a team and comes back later in the season that player is put on a waiting list. In the case that such a player exists on a waiting list the next Major team that needs a replacement player must select the person that has been on the waiting list the longest.

       d. The Player Agent will notify the President, who will get BoD approval to release that player from the team. The President will then notify the player being released in writing.

       e.  The Player Agent will provide the manager a list of eligible players from the Minors that the manager can use to select a replacement player. The Manager has 3 days to make his decision. The Player Agent will then notify the selected replacement player.

       f.  If the selected replacement player refuses to move up to the new team that player will not be eligible to move up to the Majors for the remainder of the season.

     Determining the Champion in the Major and Minor A Leagues

EMLL Major & Minor A Champion will be determined by a single or double elimination (subject to time & field availability) tournament occurring at the end of the season. The tournament will be seeded based on team season record. All regular season games, including Inter-League play, will count towards a team's record. Mid-season tournament games, if they occur, will not count.

Seeding and tie breakers: Best overall record, Best Head to Head record, Least runs scored against, Most runs scored, Coin flip

The Tournament will be organized as follows: High seed is home team. See Brackets on Tournament Page

     50/70 Division Local Rules

This Division is created to help bridge the gap for young players moving up from the traditional Little League field to the larger regulation baseball field. Each year the EMLL Board, will evaluate the feasibility of implementing the division. The division will be open to players 13 years of age and also to 12 year old players who demonstrate a talent level and knowledge of the game.

The Board's decision will be based on the following considerations:

1.  Ability to provide full team(s) for all 14 year olds at the Junior level.

2.  Ability to field a competitive division at the Majors level, BoD will decide what “competitive” is for each season. 

3.  Player agent and Head Coach will recommend which 12 year olds would be eligible for promotion. Ultimate decision lies with the BoD.  No parents or players should be notified until the Board has assessed the situation, and planned a course of action.

4.  12 year old players may elect not to play in the 50/70 Division. If they do so, they cannot be pulled up later in the season.

5.  Little League Rule Book will govern the 50/70 Division. When Inter League occurs, the Inter League rules will be used.


     Juniors & Seniors Division Local Rules


The Junior and Senior Leagues will follow the rules outlined in the Official Regulations and Playing Rules of Senior League Baseball and the Local Game Rules in this handbook. Should interleague play occur, a set of By Laws approved by all involved Leagues would supplement the rule book. Equal playing time is strongly encouraged.




1.  Two Tryouts will be held prior to the formation of teams.

2.   Players are encouraged to attend all pre-season sessions. By Little League Regulation IV(t) any player attending less than 50% of the tryouts shall forfeit All- Star eligibility unless an excuse is presented which is accepted by a majority of the BOD.

     Player Pool:  


A player pool will be used in Major,  Junior, and Senior (if more than one team) divisions as an alternate method of operation to fill shortages of eligible players during regular season games. The Player Agent shall only assign the next pool player to a team, which has LESS THAN nine (9) players available for the game. Junior/Senior level will follow inter-league rules.


1. Pool Players will wear their own team's regular uniform.

2. Pool Players are NOT allowed to pitch under any circumstances.

3. Pool Players MUST bat last in the line-up.

4. Pool Players MUST be used on a rotation basis. Managers and Coaches do not have the right to randomly pick and choose Players from the pool.

5. Each league's Player Agent will maintain that league's Pool Player List.

6.  Pool Players who are skipped due to sufficient reason (weren't reachable when called) will be placed at the bottom of the list for the next game.

7. Individual Pool Player's can only be used a maximum of three (3) times each season.

Upon playing a third (3rd) time, the Player's name will be crossed off of the list

8. A manager asks for a pool player when the manager feels like he might be below 9 players.

9. When a pool player has been selected that player must be allowed to play even if the manager was wrong and there are more than 9 players, unless it is pre-game in which case the pool player goes home.

10. A pool player may not play more innings than any player on the original team (barring injury or an original team member arriving late or leaving early).  Usually there will only be nine players so there wouldn’t be a pool player. So should be a non issue.

11.  Pool players must play at least 9 outs and bat at least once.

12.  Pool players must be added if there is a possibility of and to prevent a forfeit.


A player who quits a team is ineligible for further play with any team for the remainder of the season.

The player cannot quit and then go on a waiting list to be reassigned to another team.


     Make ups, Resuming Ties and Rescheduling Games


It is the policy of the League to make up games that are postponed because of weather, in all divisions, if at all possible, and to resume and complete tie games halted by the umpire only in the Majors, Juniors and Seniors.


All cases of scheduled games that are not played because one or both teams were unable to place the required number of players on the field are reviewed for a decision on whether they will be rescheduled or whether one team is subject to forfeit.  Normally, after review, these games are not rescheduled. If neither team has the required number of players, both teams usually are credited with a loss. If only one team does not have the minimum number of players, it is usually required to forfeit the game. Exceptions are circumstances involving mandatory school functions. After review by the player agent, if it is determined that the players who were not present at the game were at a mandatory school function, the BoD, or by extension, the president, shall make a decision to reschedule the games that cannot be played because of these activities, subject to verification.  For example, if a team with a twelve-player roster presents only seven players, and only one of the missing players was at a mandatory school function, the team would forfeit the game. If two or more of the missing players were at a mandatory school function, the game can be rescheduled.


     All-Star teams Selection Process:

All discussion, voting,  and selection of All-Stars teams is confidential and not to be discussed outside team

   managers and board members.

1.  El Molino Little League will field the following All Star Teams

     a.    9/10 year olds

     b.    10-11 year olds. This team will be optional

     c.    11-12 year olds

     d.    50/70 Juniors, Senior and Big League if applicable.

2.  Only players having participated in at least 50% of league try-out dates and at least 60% of regular season games played by June 15 are eligible to be selected. A player who is not able to participate in

the number of local league regular season games because of participation in a school baseball program will receive an adjustment on the minimum participation in games required under this rule.

3.  Players, Coaches and Managers within each division shall vote for players within their division of play. Note that 9 and 10 years olds in the Minor B division do not vote.

4.  Ballots will be distributed to Managers to facilitate and collect their players' votes on players within

their own division.

5.  The Player Agent, President, and/or officer designees shall oversee the process of tabulating and

announcing the managers, coaches and players. Officers shall excuse themselves from the process to

avoid any conflict of interest with a player, manager or coach.

6.  The president shall, with BoD approval, select the managers of the All Star teams.

7.  Selected managers are allowed to request their coaching staff from the eligible list following Little

League Rules. Managers and coaches are subject to BOD ratification by majority vote.

8.  Players will select the first five players for each team, with the top five vote getters being the winners. Then,regular-season managers will meet and after a discussion vote for the next five

players. Then the manager for the All Star team will pick the remainder of the players. The manager may carry the roster number he/she chooses.

9.  Selection of the 11-12  all star team shall be first.

10. Selection of the 9-10 all star team shall be second.

11. Selection of the 10-11 all star team shall be third.

     Board Meetings


Board of Directors meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 7PM in the classroom at the Forestville Youth Park.   Additional meetings are scheduled as necessary.